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    By Super

    Dear Sir,
    I agree with V.Lakshmikanth, article about kannada movies. But this shouldt end here. can u update us what actions/progress will be done on this base?. Can Uppi/Punit/Vishnu can look into such articles and comeout and do something (good action plan) on this?. Kindly put this article in local kannada newspapers to create more awareness?
    Looking forward actions on this,

    -Prasanna Udupi, Bangalore


    Dear Sir,
    This is in ref to V.Laxmikanths article reg Kannada movies. V.Laxmikanth also helped us to promote this dvd to his contacts. For the first time in USA, we have made DVD on film MATHADANA after paying copyrights to its producers. We had to make 1000 dvds to keep cost minm but we find hard to convince kannada people in USA to buy this dvd from us for $ 15 each or less if bought in more #s... Kannada people ask us why it is costing that much. Why cannot we sell at $ 5-6 each like hindi film dvds being sold.

    Our reply to this is our production cost itself is about $ 9-10 each dvd after paying copyrights to its producers, dvd production and marketing cost. Also Kannada market is not as big as hindi market. We are not interested to make any pirated dvds/vcds/vhs tapes as many will do in this business.

    We are however proud that we could sell about 700 dvds in 6 months through direct contacts and thro Kannada kootas. But it is A VERY TOUGH TASK INDEED. Special thanks to Kaveri Kannada koota, MD for their big help in selling more than 60 dvds to its members. St Louis kannada koota promoted 25 dvds. We find that small kannada kootas in USA were more helpful in promoting this dvd than big kannada kootas like NY, NJ, CA.TX, FL. I hope all kannada kootas will join in our efforts to promote this MATHADANA DVD. If each kannada koota in USA (I understand 25-30 kootas are there in US) help us to promote 25 dvds each we can sell another 500 more. We agreed to pay $2 each to any kannada koota helping us to promote thisDVD.

    We are not interested to make any profits on this venture as we are decently employed and do not depend on this business. We will be happy if we can meet our production and marketing cost. What we are interested is to produce more kanada dvds like this to cater to our people in US. We assure that any profit made by us in this venture will be reinvested to make more such kannada dvds.

    We are in the process of making DVDS on kannada TV mega serial MAYAMRIGA and KATHEGARA directed and produced by T N Seettharam(Mathadana film director). This involves making atleast 15-20 dvds like MAHABHATATHA/RAMAYANA dvd set. We intend releasing 2 dvds in one package once in 2-3 months to complete all episodes in MAYAMRIGA / KATHEGARA serials shown in Bangalore and hope to market each dvd at $10 for one DVD or $ 20 for 2 dvds in one package. Can we request our kannada peoplein USA to help us promote this effort by giving their suggestions and promise to buy it as and when we can make it.

    Anyone interested to buy MATHADANA DVD can contact the following:

    1. Purushotham Chikkatur, 104-81, 111th ST, Richmond Hill, NY 11419 # 718
    845 6794. Email-

    2. N K Mohan, 6 Crusade Ct, Manalpan, NJ 07726 # 732 617 0153: Email:

    Web site:

    Thanks to all kannadigas for helping us to promote MATHADANA film DVD inUSA.

    Purushotham Chikkatur in NY

    Dear Editor,

    V. Lakshmikants article is an eye opener to Kannada movie ciritcs who just talk bad about Kannada movies.

    - Chandra Shekar
    Iowa, USA


    Dear Editor,
    Mr. Lakshmikanths views on kannada movies and kannadigas are really good and shows the real fact.

    Mr. Laksmikanths views about the movies also apply to the T.V serials, there are very high quality kannada serials which are shown on ETV Kannada like Manvantara, Mayamruga, Mudala Mane etc., to name a few but still Ive heard people (both kannadigas and non-kannadigas) talking that kannada serials are of poor quality and not watch able, I dont understand how people without watching the serial can conclude that it is bad. They dont mind watching a serial which is of very low quality (extra marital affairs or the same saas bahu drama) serial in other languages. I feel its the attitude of we kannadigas, first kannadigas have to start watching kannada serials and movies and then propagate the same to other non kannadiga friends. As Lakshmikanth points out all kannada movies/serials are not bad, they are far better than any other language. For ex: the quality of dialogs in Manvantara and Mayamruga were simply superb which cannot be compared to any serials in any language (though I am a kannadiga I understand Telugu, Tamil, Hindi as I live in Bangalore and have watched many serials in these languages, hence I am making this statement).

    As Mr. Lakshmikanth points out, news papers also play a very important role in promoting the local actors, the local language and the local culture. For ex.Bangalore Times (suppliment of Times of India) doesnt show/reflect the local culture or the local sentiments in anyway. It doesnt show any achievers who are Bangalore based, all it shows is few glam dolls as Bangaloreans who doesnt even know to which state Bangalore belongs and what is the local language spoken.

    Lastly I would say that Kanndigas has to start loving their language.

    - Rajesh, Bangalore


    Dear Editor,
    Thanks lot for great article, even I also have been thinking in this way since long time, you have written what some true kannadigas are thinking just without doing anthing. I appreciate the article and thanks for that.

    Certaiinly this article should be published in some leading dailies of our kannada news paper. Im so happy to see the person who speak telugu, but promptly accept he is kannadiga.

    Your great thanks

    - Dinesh, City ?

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    Readers responses to V. Lakshmikants White Paper on Kannada Movies

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